Lassi is made with yogurt which is prepared in the traditional way and also chilled with ice cubes while being churned.
This blog will let you know top 10 health benefits of drinking lassi. Anybody can enjoy a glass of lassi, including those with diabetes. It is just that they need to substitute sugar with stevia. Sweet lassi is also not advisable for person with cough or cold or phlegmatic temperament. Otherwise, it is best to consume every day. It will only add up to your health benefits in the long run with no side effects.
Top 10 Health Benefits of Lassi :

1. Improved Digestion and Appetite


Lassi not only makes the body cool and calm, but also improves digestion, body appetite, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. It is one of the best summer health drinks.

2. Muscle Mass


Lassi is very rich in proteins which is essential for building muscles. So, it is very popular among bodybuilders.

3. Acts as a Natural Anti-Ageing Solution


Lassi contains lactic acid that has astringent and acidic properties which directly helps in removing freckles, blemishes and also supports in tightening the sagging skin.

4. Strengthen the Bones and Teeth


Since, Lassi is rich source of calcium so it becomes an excellent health drinks to strengthen the bones and teeth.

5. Boiled Mango With Lassi To Avoid Sunstroke


As you have seen before, if you add other food elements in lassi, a newer benefit borns. Same happens when boiled mango is added to lassi. Few pulps of boiled raw mango on the lassi can make its benefits double. Taking a glass of this type of lassi will avoid sunstroke in summer outings.

6. Boosts Immune System


As lassi is quite a rich source of lactic acid and Vitamin D so it can boost the immune system to a great extent and creates wonders to immune system if included in regular diet. It prepares the body to fight against various diseases.

7. Best Summer Drink


Lassi is one of the favorite indian health drinks for summer. Sweet or Salty Lassi is the best probiotic drink that cools down and refreshes the body. It also reduces summer related problems like prickly heat, gastro-intestinal problems and the build-up of bacteria.

8. Reduce Cholesterol and Boost Up Body Metabolism


Even in US, some people love the lassi in a traditional Indian way. Made in such way, it is made up of yogurt and remains probiotic for long. What I mean to say is, it gets full of friendly bacteria that helps a lot in reducing cholesterol and increasing body metabolism.

9. A Doctor to the stomach


Lassi itself is a natural remedy for many of the stomach related problems which includes problems like bloating of stomach, constipation, stomach disorders and many more. Drinking a glass of lassi every day morning can keep the stomach healthy for the entire day. It is also one of the best source of energy.

10. Helps in Lowering Blood Pressure


It is proved that regular consumption of lassi also helps in normalizing the blood pressure of the body. It contains potassium and riboflavin that reduces the blood pressure naturally.

So Drink Lassi Everyday and Be Healthy.