Subscription FAQ

Subscription is to help you to get basic need products like milk, bread, butter, yogurt, paneer, cheese and eggs periodically (weekly, monthly) by paying in advance. As the Sun comes up everyday, so will our subscription service will be there to serve you.
You have to choose your order pattern, only once in a week or month. You will get hassle free deliveries at your door step in morning before 7am regularly.

Cut Off time is the time by which you can place the order on Day 1 to get next day early morning delivery. Cut off time for each product might vary.

No. If you are already registered user then there is no need to register again for subscription.

Yes, currently we are starting subscription in selected societies of Dwarka. Therefore, you have to give address for subscription separately.

It is necessary that your Society’s name appear on Easyvizag, then only you can subscribe. In case your Society’s name is not on Easyvizag then you can contact us to provide/start subscription in your society.

You can pay in advance through debit card. Your subscription amount will be added in your Brownbag Wallet-cash and this amount will be reserved for your subscription service only.

Yes, you can use wallet cash for subscription as well as for normal grocery orders from Easyvizag.

No, one can not use Brown-coins towards subscription but can use Brown-coins for normal grocery order from Easyvizag.

Yes, you can pause or resume subscription for any subscribed product anytime using Easyvizag android application. You can extend or modify subscription anytime from Easyvizag APP.

Currently, we do not allow to increase/decrease quantity from Easyvizag App. But you can contact us to get extra quantity on particular day/date.

If you are going on a long vacation, you can stop complete subscription by giving vacation date from active subscription screen on Easyvizag APP.

you can cancel subscription anytime.
One can not use wallet -cash reserved for subscription in purchasing other grocery products until unless your current subscription is cancelled.
You can order groceries from Easyvizag using wallet-cash or your money can be credited back in your account. We will refund the remaining amount to the original method of payment.